Shay TV Stand Shay
TV Stand"
$169.00 SHOP NOW
Northwest – Black Glass – Wall Mount Fireplace 42inch Northwest
Wall Mount Fireplace 42"
$120.00 SHOP NOW
Woodanville - Cream/Brown - Dining Room Table Set (7/CN) Woodanville
Table Set
$469.00 SHOP NOW
Wixon - Slate - Sofa Wixon
$389.00 SHOP NOW
Rokane - Brown - Dining Room Table Set (7/CN) Rokane
Table Set
$519.00 SHOP NOW
Rokane - Brown - RECT DRM Counter TBL Set Rokane
Counter TBL Set
$309.00 SHOP NOW
Mattress Tech - Legacy ll Plush Mattress Tech
$519.00 SHOP NOW

Furniture Warehouse Ohio & Sub Zero Mission

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our Sub Zero Mission Fundraiser!

Total Raised $2,440!

For more information about Sub Zero Mission, or to donate directly, please visit

Click the link below for more details

As always, we appreciate your support and hope to see you soon!

Brandon Morse
Furniture Warehouse Ohio

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Furniture Warehouse Ohio

Offers low internet pricing with high quality local service
On name brands such as Ashley Furniture!
Based in Mentor Ohio by a Lake County Family.