White glove delivery

In-home delivery, assembly, and removal of the trash.  Old products can be moved outside for an additional $10 per piece if paid for at the time of purchase. We do not take away any old product, sorry!

Curbside delivery

The item is dropped off in a box or factory packaging.  Assembly is required.

Check Delivery / Setup Availability & Price

Order Time

Due to Covid, out of stock orders will take between 3-8 months. Please call/text 440-299-7932 for an estimated shipping time before placing your order or you can also email us at

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Why does furniture take so long to get?

**Please note there are not delays when you purchase our in-stock items, only when ordering out of stock items**

There is no single reason why furniture is taking so long to get.   Multiple issues have created a “perfect storm” of delays.  From raw materials to the final delivery, there has not been a period where the entire supply chain has been running smooth since Feb 2020.

Here is a list of the top reasons:
Updated 7/12/21

  • Shut down in 2020 made everything fall behind and started the delays.
  • Social distancing and increased sanitation for almost a year prevented factories from ramping up production because employees had to distance.
  • Lumber skyrocketed in price and became harder to get.
  • Ice storm in Texas knocked out one of the two major foam suppliers in the US.
  • Labor shortage of factory workers even after increased pay.
  • Semi truck driver shortage to transfer raw materials to factories and also deliver finished product to dealers.
  • Computer chip shortage for trucks, not able to increase fleet quickly
  • Ports are backed up for imported materials both here and the countries that ship the materials
  • Covid outbreaks in other countries are still forcing shutdowns and social distancing which delays materials to produce furniture.

What we are doing to help fight this issue:

  1. We leased TWO additional warehouses to purchase stock and give customers in stock options.
  2. We are paying for express shipping whenever it is available from factories.
  3. We are bulk purchasing inventory 6 months in advance.
  4. We added more phone lines and additional staff to help update customers with information from the factories.
  5. We purchased additional delivery trucks to speed up our delivery time as product arrives from factory.
  6. We are adding additional time when quoting estimated order times from factories.

What if you ordered item does not make it on time?

You can cancel at any time for a full refund.

If your order is delayed one day or more over the quoted time frame, we will refund 10% of the delayed product price.

**Please note** We do not receive any compensation for the delayed products from the factories. All compensation we give our customers comes solely from our funds. Due to our low margins, 10% is the absolute best we can offer. Thank you for your understanding!

Order Status

To check status on your order, call or text 440-299-7932. You may also submit a request here.


Before delivery or pickup: Cancel any time for a full refund.

After delivery or pickup: Product can be returned for a full refund for up to 7 days. FWO does not charge a restocking fee on product returned within 7 days. If the product has been loaded on a FWO truck and brought to your residence, delivery charges are not refunded.


Customer is responsible for securing product to their vehicle when picking up.
Pick up product can be assembled for $10 each piece if noted at the time of purchase.

FWO Customer Pickup Instructions

Warehouse Location: 7509 Tyler Blvd, Mentor

Look for the FWO pick up center sign.

Pickup Hours

Monday 1PM-5PM
Tuesday 1PM-5PM
Wednesday 1PM-5PM
Thursday 1PM–5PM
Friday 1PM–5PM
Saturday 11AM-3PM
Sunday Closed

***Pull to the office side of the warehouse, go in FWO CPU door and ring bell***

1) Balance must be paid before pickup can be scheduled.
2) Please have a copy of your invoice ready. A picture of the invoice on a phone will also work.
3) Please bring help to load the item in vehicle.
4) Customer must bring their own straps/ropes to secure product and blankets to protect assembled product. Furniture Warehouse Ohio employees are not permitted to secure product to vehicle.
5) Please prep vehicle for loading before getting to warehouse.
6) Measure vehicle to make sure product will fit. Furniture Warehouse Ohio is not responsible for any damage to vehicle.
7) Customer is responsible to bring merchandise back for any exchanges or refunds. Damage must be reported within 24 hours.
8) For safety, please keep children and pets in vehicle.


Furniture Warehouse honors all factory warranties. A service tech will be sent to the customers home at no charge if the product is under warranty. This applies to local delivered goods only. If the product is moved outside of Furniture Warehouse’s service area or from the original delivery address, the warranty is void.