Statement from FWO owner Brandon Morse:

Hey everyone! Its been an unpredictable couple of months to say the least. First off, thank you to the community for the unbelievable support. We went from shut down in April to record setting weeks all of May and June. Unfortunately, the factories cannot keep up due to nationwide increased sales, social distancing slowing production lines and supply chain issues delaying materials.

So, I am sorry but some of the time frames we quoted may be delayed!

Here is what we are going to do if a delay happens:

(Updated 10/28/20)

You can cancel at any time for a full refund.

If your order is delayed two weeks or more over the quoted time, we will refund 10% of the delayed product price.

**Please note** We do not receive any compensation for the delayed products from the factories. All compensation we give our customers comes solely from our funds. Due to our low margins, 10% is the absolute best we can offer. Thank you for your understanding!

Reach out to us for updates! You can call or text 440-299-7932 or email us at Please allow us up to 48 hours for our staff to call back with a status check. We will do our best to reach out to all customers if possible, however due to this unprecedented time our staff may be delayed in calling with statuses. We are asking for customers to please reach out to us when they need an update on their order.

All local furniture stores we know of are in the same position as we are. We get ZERO DOLLARS from the factory for their delays, but it is not fair to our customers to not compensate for the missed time frames. We wish we could do more!

How we will fix this going forward:

  1. We are adding additional time when quoting estimated order times from factories.
  2. We are paying for express shipping whenever it is available from factories.
  3. We are adding additional product to our showroom various USA manufacturers such as Vaughan Bassett, Pine Crafter, and Mattress Tech.
  4. We have added more phone lines and additional staff to help update customers with information from the factories.
  5. We have leased 50% more warehouse space to purchase stock and give customers more options.
  6. We have purchased and rented additional delivery trucks to speed up our delivery time as product arrives from factory.
  7. We have offered a reduced delivery charge since May; we will continue charging the lower delivery rate until product is back to normal order times.
  8. The factories do not update us when there is a delay, we will manually check.

As new issues arise due to COVID we will do out best to adjust our systems and have a solution within 30 days. 99% of our customers have been incredibly understanding and WE APPRECIATE YOU BEYOND WORDS.

Thank you again for your support!

Brandon Morse
Furniture Warehouse Ohio

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